Why Hire an Immigration Consultant?


Why we need an Immigration Consultant?

Applying for a visa to your destined country? The main dilemma you must be going through at now is to decide, whether you should apply on your own or hire an immigration consultant for the whole visa process. The views, suggestions, and opinions from the friends and relatives only add to your confusion in this regard. Since, immigration is one of the most crucial decisions of your life; you obviously don’t want to toss a coin for the same. Do you?


So, how to go about Immigration to your dream destination?

Well, let’s take a look at a few of the key reasons as to why you require hiring a consultant for immigration to help you take a decision.

Key Reasons to Hire a Consultant for Immigration Process

The Immigration Consultants being professionals, deal with in and out of the visa process on a daily basis, hence, they obviously know more than you do about the immigration rules and guidelines of a particular country. This is one of the prime reasons people go for their services. Here are the few more reasons, which convince people to hire an immigration consultant.

Complexity of Immigration Rules and Guidelines

The Immigration process of a country includes several immigration rules and guidelines based on the immigration programs, visa categories, etc. These guidelines and instructions are often based on the laws and the constitution of a country. Hence, immigration terms and guidelines are most often too complex for the understanding of a layman. A qualified and experienced immigration consultant decodes the intricate immigration rules and guidelines and accordingly completes the online immigration process or visa application.

Dealing with the Immigration authorities

As an immigration or visa applicant, you need to deal and interact with different immigration authorities. If you are not familiar with immigration office or their functioning, you often have to face a lot of problems dealing with them. However, when you are hiring a consultant for the immigration process, help, most of the jobs are done by your consultant only on your behalf, such as, following up your application with visa office, responding to their inquiries via email, phone call, etc.

Helps when you get stuck

Many a times you get stuck in the immigration process as an applicant. For instance, you don’t get Invitation to apply (ITA) from the authorities despite waiting for months. In such scenario, you need a specialist or expert, who can guide you about alternate ways to secure the ITA or approval from the immigration authorities. Similarly, at times, you get an objection from the immigration, which you don’t know how to deal with, in such a time, you require help or support from an experienced Immigration professional. An Immigration Consultant with its years of experience in the industry, come to your rescue.

Conviction of Professional Assistance –

When you are applying for a visa through a professional immigration consultant, you feel that you are in safe hands. The expertise, knowledge, and experience of your consultant keeps you convinced and relaxed while following the multifaceted immigration procedure.
However, to have such positivity and confidence in your application, you must choose a genuine, certified, and trusted Immigration Consultant for assistance in the immigration process from start till the last part.

Selecting the right Immigration program of Visa Category to apply

This is also a key decision that bothers most of the applicants when they decide to apply on their own. Immigration guidelines often make clear the application process for each immigration program or visa category, however, they can’t tell you which one you must choose based on your skills, experience, and ease. An immigration Consultant often helps you select the best visa category or immigration program that suits your profile, and in which, your chances of succeeding are high.

Valuable time Saved

Hiring a consultant for immigration process also saves your valuable time, especially if you are a working person. Immigration is a multifaceted process that may take at least 4-5 months (even more at times) to get completed. During the whole process, you may have to visit immigration office, gather documents, respond to calls, emails, etc. However, if you have hired a consultant for your immigration process, he takes care most of the things on your behalf, which ultimately saves you time and makes life easy for you as an applicant.

Reduces the Possibility of Visa denial to negligible

Error in Visa application is the key cause of maximum visa denials. If you are applying on your own, you always remain in doubt whether you have filled your visa application form correctly or not. Moreover, the immigration authorities are very strict about the correct applications and well followed immigration process. Any erroneous field is verified very closely by the immigration officers. If you have unknowingly provided incorrect information at any stage of the immigration process, it may land you in great problem and your visa application may get either delayed or rejected based on the same. Consequently, it will be a huge loss of time and money.
However, if you are applying under the guidance or supervision of a visa expert, the possibility of submitting an incorrect application is negligible. The Immigration Consultants use their knowledge and vast experience in presenting the visa application on your, behalf. Hence, the chances of getting approval against visa application certainly increase.

Hire a Genuine and accredited Immigration Consultant

Hiring an immigration consultant accredited by the immigration regulatory bodies is crucial in order to avoid fake or fraudulent agents and agencies looking to make money from you through deception.

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